Computer Maintenance and Networking

The Computer Maintenance and Networking Certificate provide a fast one-year program that allows students to gain the skills necessary to enter the information technology job market. The program provides entry-level skills in computer hardware, operating systems, networking, programming, web page development, security, standard computer applications and customer service skills.


Graduates of this certificate program develop skills for entry level positions involving troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining personal computers and small business networks.

CourseCourse NameCredits
CSCT 218Scripting (Powershell)3
ENGL 101English Composition I (GEC 1)3
INFT 110Computer Architecture & Troubleshooting4
ISST 250Security Fundamentals3
MATH 130College Algebra (GEC-2)3
Semester Total 16
Second Semester
CourseCourse NameCredits
INFT 228Web Server Administration3
INFT 131Networking I4
INFT 132Networking II4
INFT 290Project Management3
Semester Total 14

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