Workforce Development

Workforce education can lead to associate degrees, certificate programs, or short-term programs and courses that prepare students for entry-level jobs. Workforce education at BridgeValley is geared toward short-term and non-credit programs that usually result in certification. Some programs are approved for academic credit. Examples of Workforce Education non-credit and short-term programs at BridgeValley include Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensure, Pipefitting, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Production Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, etc.   

In Workforce and Economic Development, we excel by doing the following:

  • Designing Customized credit and non-credit programs
  • Utilizing training grants for both businesses and qualifying individuals
  • Scheduling classes at various times and locations
  • Implementing hands-on training and practical experience
  • Increasing innovation and use of technology
  • Documenting achievement of professional certification standards  

We specialize in the following:

  • Build skills and abilities of the workforce in our programs
  • Help businesses increase profits and productivity through employee  skills enhancement
  • Increase the marketable job skills of individuals
  • Improve earning capacity of the region’s workforce
  • Provide new opportunities to enhance the quality of life and improve the  overall standards of living for citizens in our communities